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Small “DETOX & PURIFY” kit (with Free Shipping!)

Small “DETOX & PURIFY” kit (with Free Shipping!)

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Carefully crafted to help Detox & Purify

Its here, our Carefully crafted


This Detox kit is specifically designed to safely possibly help with removing Toxins, Parasites, Heavy metals, mucus & inflammation from the body, through the use of some VERY exclusive Herbs from Mother Nature. May assist with fighting off sickness, losing weight, increasing Energy & Vitality, & Promoting Clearer thinking.

Comes in pressed TABLET form with:

(1) Cell Chelation tablets(deep cleaner)

(2) Iron Plus tablets(clean & purify blood & more)

(3) Seamoss/Bladderwrack/Burdock Root tablets

30 Day supply! ✔️

90 pressed Tablets! No gelatin or Vegetable capsules, STRAIGHT HERBS! ✔️

-As Extra Healing INCENTIVES for a Limited Time: There Will be an option for a FREE 8oz Elderberry Syrup with each Kit!! *normal Shipping applies*

-Or No Elderberry & FREE SHIPPING option!

-Must Eat a Clean Whole food/Plant based diet for maximum effectiveness. Increase Fruit intake. Limit Meat intake or eliminate. Try to avoid Processed foods. Hydrate with Spring water heavily.
Be disciplined! 

Warning: These detoxes are not meant for anyone that is on serious prescribed medication, breastfeeding or pregnant. Please consult with us first. 

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