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“Beard & Hair Styling Moisturizer”

“Beard & Hair Styling Moisturizer”

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This Powerful formulation is designed to possibly Give your BEARD & HAIR all it needs to be great! We have combined the power of Natural Essential Oils with Natural Herbs such as Rosemary & Calendula, to give your Beard/Hair the Ultimate Moisturizing & Conditioning experience, Free from the HARMFUL stuff! 

3 Butters used: Raw Mango Butter, Raw Cocoa Butter, & Raw Shea Butter. Rosemary, Clove, Lemongrass, Argan, Olive oil, jojoba & more!

Possible Benefits & Advantages include:  

-Beard & Hair Moisture/Conditioning 



-Beard Softener

-Beard Health

-Helps highlight Wave patterns

-Good for Locs  & MORE! 

  • May Promotes Hair Growth & Prevents Hair Loss
  • Deep Moisturizes Hair strands & Skin under hair
  • Hydrates Hair & Skin 
  • Contains Omega fatty acids that strengthen the hair & Facial Hair. 


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