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“Eczema Quick Hitter” Bundle

“Eczema Quick Hitter” Bundle

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This Bundle was highly demanded! This is our “Eczema Quick Hitter” Bundle. Sometimes maybe the Eczema isn’t EXTREMELY bad, & you just need something topical to help with you cleaning your Diet up, well here it is! 

This Combination has been known to Get the job done when it comes to inflamed skin, eczema, dark spots, burns or any types of irritated Skin! Safe for the little ones as well! This Bundle was necessary! 

You Get our: 

(1) Raw YELLOW Shea Butter (great for Daily all day anytime moisture of Irritated skin or any normal skin also) 

(2) Turmeric Body Butter (Our Most popular Body Butter for any types of irritated or eczema affected skin. Dark spots as well. 

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