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KommonScentz presents our 

 “ECZEMA Survival Kit #1” 
-Eczema is out of control in our communities these days! People Are TIRED of the Steroids & Chemicals that barely work. We have organized the PERFECT survival kit that may assist with Fighting & containing your Eczema, Psoriasis, or Severely Damaged Skin! Products that have been PROVEN already! 
•4oz 100% RAW SHEA BUTTER for your Raw Thick moisturizing needs. It may assist with keeping the  eczema areas extra moisturized & serves as a protective layer over the skin. All-Around Use, anytime, any Skin issue. 
•4oz WHIPPED TURMERIC BODY BUTTER for your MAXIMUM healing with The powerful Anti-inflammatory Turmeric & a host of other Healing oils. This formulation is HIGHLY recommended for damaged skin & Dark spots. Best used in the evenings or when you take off your “Good clothes” (Turmeric can stain some) 
•4oz BODY BUTTER SIGNATURE also for MAXIMUM healing. This Butter is made exactly like the Turmeric, without the Turmeric. We combine 3 Different Healing Butters: Shea Butter, Mango Butter & Cocoa Butter for The best healing results! Your “On the Go” Whipped Eczema Butter. 
•5oz RAW AFRICAN BLACK SOAP for Gentle & Powerful Cleansing & Exfoliation of the affected areas. This soap Cleanses with anti-bacterial properties & exfoliates at the same time removing DEAD SKIN. Also provides moisture! Without all The Harmful chemicals from Store soap! 
•3.5 oz IRISH SEAMOSS/BLADDERWRACK SOAP for The ULTIMATE NATURAL gentle cleansing of ANY skin issues, especially Eczema. Sea Vegetables/Seaweed/Red Algae have been proven to be one of the most Effective Eczema treatments. Provides the Skin with Anti-oxidants & SO MANY MINERALS needed for Radiant skin. 
Don't let Eczema & Skin issues stop your GREATNESS! 
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