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“SuperMoss” Chondrus Crispus Seamoss/Bladderwrack/Burdock Root Gel (16oz & 32oz)

“SuperMoss” Chondrus Crispus Seamoss/Bladderwrack/Burdock Root Gel (16oz & 32oz)

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- Chondrus Crispus/Bladderwrack/Burdock Root GEL AKA “SUPERMOSS” 

Chondrus Crispus Seamoss Aka IRISH SEAMOSS is a Red Algae/Sea Plant that is naturally Grown in the more Rocky sections of The Atlantic Coasts of Europe & North America. This is a “Cool-Water” Seamoss that allegedly receives tons of Minerals & Nutrients from the surrounding water & Rocks it attaches itself to. 

- Seamoss, Burdock Root, & Bladderwrack combine to provide Several of the Minerals that the Body is composed of. A mineral Powerhouse Trio! 

Seamoss, Burdock Root, & Bladderwrack combined offer us a Full Cellular MultiMineral balance! No need for Multi-Vitamins anymore! 

-Gel can be used in Soups, Smoothies, Hot teas & more! 

-Our Gel is always shipped Fresh, with Ice packs! 

** Only 100% CHONDRUS CRISPUS Seamoss** used. This is the MOTHERSHIP of all the popular Seamoss Species. 

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