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“Seamoss My Skin Please” Bundle

“Seamoss My Skin Please” Bundle

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This Bundle! Ohhh This Bundle! First, its For all of the Seamoss Lovers, those who are Already educated on The SKIN benefits of our Seamoss. This ones for You! 

For others who may not know, the particular species of Seamoss we use in all of our products, Chondrus Crispus, is an amazing Superfood for the skin. Its all research you can look up yourself!

We infuse Nature’s wonder, Chondrus Crispus Seamoss, in these Skincare Wonders just for you! Great for Sensitive skin, irritated skin, Or if you need a new routine different from the Norm! 

You get our: 

(1) 16oz Supermoss Gel (great for daily immune boosting, daily nutrients intake, & Making the Skin Look Beautiful & Soft) 

(2) “Revive” Seamoss & Clay mask (Your once or twice a week Skincare Mask for Handling the impurities in the skin, can leave the skin so soft) 

(3) Seamoss Cleansing Bar ( The perfect all natural daily cleanser for face & body. Infused with Seamoss &  Lavender. Great for sensitive skin , irritated, bumpy & eczema-ridden skin) Great Acne option. 

(4) Seamoss & Clove Face & Body Scrub ( exfoliation using natures wonder! Acne clients love this one! Helps remove dead skin possibly) 

Handcrafted with Love & Wisdom always! 

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