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Turmeric, Honey, & Aloe Vera Clay Mask (2oz) & (4oz)

Turmeric, Honey, & Aloe Vera Clay Mask (2oz) & (4oz)

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This powerful Face mask is perfect for those dealing with irritated, dull or Damaged skin. These ingredients are suited to Stand Up to Dullness, Acne, Dark Spots, Hyperpigmentation, inflammation, & Face Eczema. Stripping away toxins, heavy metals & bacteria! Leaving tons of minerals & moisture. Inflammatory properties help with pigment & brightening! 

Enjoy the Amazing benefits of Turmeric, Aloe Vera powder, & Honey powder all in one powerful Scoop! Please Research The benefits of these ingredients so you can see for yourself! Especially the Turmeric! 

We made it easy by combining them, All you do is Add Water, maybe a drop of Your Essential oil of choice, Mix & Apply! Thats it! All Natural Ingredients, no fillers or Toxic additives! 

Great for Sensitive Skin also! Always spot test first! 

directions: 1tspn of dry Mask, to 1tspn of CLEAN water. Mix into a paste, Apply evenly in 1 or 2 layers. Let sit 5-10 minutes, Wipe with Warm Towel! Always Moisturize after!

** Do not let Water get in Dry Powder bag.**  

“Always Hand-Crafted With Love” 

**Combine this Turmeric Mask with our other powerful & effective Turmeric products!** 

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